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What is a Brazilian Blowout?
ORIGINAL BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT actually improves the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The Brazilian Blowout hair treatment is a liquid protein formula that bonds and protects each your hair strand, effectively eliminating frizz and to enhance smooth, shine along with preventing damages. The smoothing treatment originated in Brazil with its native ingredients including camu camu, annatto seed, and acai berry. The result is an insanely glossy mirror-like shine.

Can I Still Receive A Brazilian Blowout If I Have Highlights And/Or Color?

Yes, the Brazilian Blowout will improve the health of color-treated/highlighted hair by conditioning the hair while sealing the cuticle for enhanced color, reduced frizz, and radiant shine.

How Long Does The Brazilian Blowout Last?

The Brazilian Blowout will last up to 4 months if Brazilian Blowout aftercare is used. The Brazilian Blowout is a cumulative treatment, in that the more you receive it, the healthier the hair will be and the longer the result will last.

What Kind Of Look Will You Get From The Brazilian Blowout?

The hair will be left totally frizz-free, shiny, effortlessly manageable, and with plenty of body and bounce. There will still be the option to wear hair curly/wavy (depending on the hair type) and the freedom to blow dry hair smooth and straight in a fraction of the time invested before receiving the treatment.

Can You Color Your Hair The Same Day You Receive A Brazilian Blowout?

Yes, however, you must color your hair before having the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment. If you get a Brazilian Blowout and wish to get a color service at a later date, you will need to wait 2 weeks.

NOTE: Mark Vang Hair Design is officially certified for all above hair treatments in Dallas TX.